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... ел.: 49-895-467-88-34 ushijimay@accretech.de www.accretech.de ACCRETECH is a world-leading supplier to the electronics industry of Wafer Probers, Dicing Machines, Grinding Systems and a various range of Dicing Blades. Our Wafer Probers feature industry-leading accuracy, throughput and reliability. Already in 2013 ACCRETECH introduced its new High Rigid Grinder (for SiC, Sapphire...) and ...


... ивания, текущего и капитального ремонта решений. Клиенты могут сосредоточиться на своих операций в то время как ITP заботится о своих двигателей. ITP ISS offers MRO & aftermarket solutions for a wide range of engines (PW100/200, CT7/T700, TFE731, RR250, RR300, ATAR, TPE331, CF700, EJ200, LM2500, and F404), gives support to customers, operating in civil, military and industrial engine market worldw ...

... and from other main Aeronautical Civil Authorities. ITP fulfills the highest standards and requirements on Environmental; Quality and Health and Safety policies. ITP In Service Support offers a wide range of customized MRO support solutions. Customers can focus on their operations while ITP takes care of their engines. ...

Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V.

... formulations. Tensiofix are Surfactants used as essential components for the formulation of agrochemical products, acting mainly for stability, dispersibility and biological efficacy. The surfactant range consists of emulsifier, wetting-dispering agent and other additives. Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V. Industrial Research Park Fleming 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve Бельгия Тел.: +32(0)10 48 31 11 Факс: +3 ...


... ts and taking the place among the major organizations with new materials and new techniques in the waterproofing industry and to be known about the activities and a preferred brand. With this product range, it has been implemented on roof, building base and side curtain applications on facade; cut and cover tunnel construction, the pond bottom, swimming and decorative pool; water treatment plants; ...


... овые насосы. Термостатические и вращающиеся смесительные клапаны. Терморегулирующие фитинги. Производим продукцию на заказ. Продукты компании * Modvlv S DN25 The Modvlv S DN25 series is a complete range that meets all the installation needs with specific models: middle and low temperature heating systems. Loc. Molino Rastelli, 2 Valduggia ITA-13018 Италия Тел.: +39 0163 48062 Факс: +39 0163 ...


... ost of the products in our own manufacturing facilities which has allowed us to expand continuously on our market leadership position in the specialist shoe trade. Our high quality comes with a broad range of service for our associate. Our brands can be purchased in well stocked shoe shops and you can rest assured that the shop staff will give you the best advice for your shoes. http://www.bns-ma ...

Cambridge English Language Assessment

... ьственных структур и других организаций по всему миру признают наши сертификаты. Cambridge English Language Assessment is part of the University of Cambridge. We develop and produce the most valuable range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English in the world. Over 5 million people take Cambridge English exams each year in 130 countries. More than 20,000 universities, employers, gove ...

Cellebrite Израиль

... sic Extraction Device (UFED). Cellebrite is the first and only mobile forensics vendor to provide flexible platform options for lab and field personnel via UFED Touch, UFED 4PC and UFED TK. It`s full range of mobile forensic products, UFED Series, enable extraction, decoding and analysis of data from thousands of mobile devices, including feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets ...


... CHEMOTEX FOkovyl, Ч, 169 00420 412 547 739; IPLS 2017 (Ч) CHEMOTEX CHEMOTEX Decin, a. s. is a traditional Czech chemical company producing wide range of special chemicals for various industrial branches - especially auxiliary textile agents, surfactants and detergents - raw materials and concentrated extracts for producing of cosmetics and ho ...

... nts for pulp and paper mills, chemical agents for wood-working industry, building and geology and chemical agents for machinery. Except these products, our company is producer and distributor of wide range of cosmetics and household chemistry final products - especially liquid soaps, liquid washing agents and antistatics, hair and body shampoos, washing, cleaning and disinfecting agents, dish-wash ...

... ntistatics, hair and body shampoos, washing, cleaning and disinfecting agents, dish-washing agents, WC-liquid cleaners, car-cosmetics and many others. 1. Cosmetic and personal care-Shower gels, wide range of liquid soaps, bar soaps, hand sanitizers, shampoos, bath foams, hand creams body lotions. Household chemicals- all kinds of cleaners and detergents, washing gels and fabric softeners, loundry ...

... fabric softeners, loundry caps and stain remover, product line for dischwasher maschine, Bleach cleaners and special detergents, car cosmetic, industrial detergents Продукты компании * Avisil Wide range of quality washing gels for white, colored, black, universal, antibacterial, baby laundry * Regia cream soaps High quality cream soaps 500ml with delicate scent of milk&honey, aloe vera, olive ...

... s for white, colored, black, universal, antibacterial, baby laundry * Regia cream soaps High quality cream soaps 500ml with delicate scent of milk&honey, aloe vera, olive and pomegranate. * Regia Range of shower gels Hair & Body for Men and atractive Bath foams with delicate fragrancies Показаны 1 - 3 из 8 товаров * Видео Decin XXXII Boletice nad Labem 63 Decin 40711 Чешская республика Тел ...


... al TV head-end Solution designers and manufacturers with 22 years history in Chengdu, China. Dexin now owns 60 million registered capitals and has a whole 15,893 m2 building place. We can offer full range of cable and wireless digital TV head-end equipment including IRDs, encoders, multiplexers, scramblers, modulators, decoders, all-in-one devices, transmitters and CAS/SMS/EPG to help network ope ...

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